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Medium wave Infrared-heaters



Medium wave Infrared-heaters

Mediumwave ir-heaters are infrared-heat sources, made of an open quartz-glass-tube, clear or translucent, a filament of a resistance wire and 2 ceramic ends. These heaters are not made by a lamp technology.

Due to the slow heat-up ( 0-100% ca 1 minute) and therefore the bad opportunity for a temperature control this type has been replaced in many industrial processes by shortwave (0-100% ca 1-2 sec) or fast mediumwave IR-lamps (0-100%, 2-4 sec). The glowing temperature of the heater is about 800°C.

In a few constant processes these heaters are still running, so the thermal dullness is not important and the price benefit is preferred.

At this heater design a reflector coating on the tube does not improve the efficiency, because the filament has direct contact to the tube, so no real radiation exists. If a little radiation would be reflected the thick filament will absorb it immediately, so not process is available.

Medium wave Infrared-heaters


F005-IC-1062 Medium wave Infrared-heaters

Medium wave Infrared-heaters


Fast Medium Wave
Single-tube IR-lamps
11 bis 18mm
23x11 mm
34x15 mm
Heating- and total lengths
bis 1900/2000 mm
115V - 235V
100 - 400 V
Spec. Power
ca 25W/ cm
Ca 35 W/ cm
Connection wires
PTFE max 250°C
KGSP max 400°C
Ni-wire + Ceramic pearls 600°C
M6 bolts or 0,8 x 6,3 mm for Ring splices
Reflector material
White, ceramic, permanent sticking
Gold, removes from the tube > 350°C

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