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Twintube IR-lamps



Twintube IR-lamps

We supply Infrared-Twintube-lamps with the following range

Tube-cross-section23x11 mm
33x15 mm
Heating- and total lengths20/72 mm to 1900/2000 mm
Voltage115V to 480V
Power300W to 12.000W
Connection wiresPTFE max 250°C
KGSP max 400°C
Ni-wire + Ceramic pearls 600°C
Reflector materialWhite, ceramic, permanent sticking
Gold, removes from the tube > 350°C
Connecting typesB 1-sided connection, 2 wires
C 2-sided connection, 4 wires

Our reflector-material, tube 23x11 mm
Our reflector-material, tube 23x11 mm

12.000W, 34x15mm Zwillingsrohr IR-Strahler
12.000W, 34x15mm

Twintube IR-lamps

  • Diefferent materials for reflectors
  • individual Dimensions in heating and total length
  • Range of power from 300W - 12000W

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