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For industrial heat processes

  • with high power on short lines
  • where no space is available for linear IR-lamps with caps on both ends
  • high process-temperatures
  • gold-plated plug contacts
    for compact designs of infrared modules

our –U-shape lamps are best solutions.
The temperature sensitive processes are by this lamp-design outside of the hot process.

Power in WVoltage in VoltHeat-Lg/
in mm
Spec. Power in W/cmIC-TypeColourtemp./
Average lifetime
in Kelvin / h
Refl. coating
3200230240/262133IC-73182800K /2500no
1200400240/26250IC-73062800K / 2500no
1200400240/26250IC-73072800K / 2500white
1600400240/26267IC-73102800K / 2500no
2500400240/262104IC-73112800K / 2500no
3500400240/262146IC-73082800K / 2000no
4000400240/262167IC-73092800K / 2000no


IR-Lamp in U-Shape

without reflective layer

U Shaped IR-Lamp

with reflective layer

U-Shaped IR-Lamp
End blackening reduces radiation to the sockets

Special Infrared Lamps

  • Infrared-Spot-Lamps for Heating-processes
  • UShaped Infrared Lamps

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